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GoRevival, like many ideas and organizations, has taken a few twists and turns over the years. What we have found is that God is in control if we are patient and let Him develop our focus and path.


In the beginning of our organization we allowed many outside influences to steer what we focused on and where we put our time and resources. That approach did not produce fruit. Today, we allow God to work and lead and we simply follow what paths He puts in front of us. Patient discernment along with a little hard work and several years of learning to listen has allowed us to achieve directional focus across several projects.


We also understand all paths and projects may not lead to the initially intended result but we know and trust we are always learning and committed to the process of finding His voice and teaching in all we do.


Our focus is to make room for Him in our lives. We understand the importance of Worship, Renewal and Family. We understand the importance of building a legacy of healthy relationship building and project focus that facilitates kingdom impact. Both inside and outside His church buildings.


Our intention is to help people and organizations grow. We invest time, money and experience into our projects with a spirit of humility. We have learned and are learning the importance of boundaries in our projects. We embrace our failures and repent for our mistakes. We intend to incorporate a "Whole of our Life" approach into all that we do.


We are broken, imperfect people in a broken, imperfect world trying to step into His story.

Go Build, Go Solve, Go Invite, Go Serve

Go Make Room for Him




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