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For-Profit Projects

Built to support our family


Our Purpose in building this organization is to facilitate personal and business growth while prioritizing His kingdom in all we do. Operating with Excellence is not what most people think.


"It's a commitment to building, solving, inviting, and serving with humility." - unknown

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Our purpose in building this organization is to serve people and teams by offering advisory & training services on an individual and team level. Not from a place of we have all the answers but from a place of humility in sharing our failures first and our successes second. Our goal is to help individuals and teams create a vision and culture that embraces failure in order to build a lasting legacy filled with intentional purpose in a balanced way.


Our purpose in building this organization is to invite and facilitate people working together to serve one another and help solve problems. Our Focus is Business to Business Relationship Building and Content Sharing.

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Our Purpose in building this organization is to acquire and use properties to help serve people with places to renew and grow with family and friends by making room to gather. Each property will have a unique purpose to create a pathway for future generations.


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The purpose of this organization is to create a pathway for my wife and children to grow and flourish with our Faith at the center.

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All profits are donated to the non-profits we support.

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Investment Process

We financially invest only in companies that are 100% owned by Biggins Holdings. However, if you are in need of advisement regardless of stage and size of company, click below. 

Go Build, Go Solve, Go Invite, Go Serve

Go Make Room for Him




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